Kanagawa University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


Introducing the laboratories and faculties of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. For details, please refer to the original homepage of each laboratory.

Managerial Accounting Laboratory

Research fields: Accounting,Cost Management,Corporate Valuation,Financial Analysis

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Basic Technology LaboratoryOriginal laboratory homepage

Research fields: Intelligent Mechanics, Measurement Engineering

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Management System Engineering Laboratory

Research fields: Operations Research, Systems Optimization, Data Analysis

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Information and Mathematical Systems Laboratory

Research fields: System Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Production Technology

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Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory

Research fields: Social Systems Engineering/Safety System, Operations Research

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Production and Operations Management Laboratory

  • Jiahua Weng


  • Shingo Akasaka


Research fields:Social Systems Engineering, Operations Management,Production Management, Production system

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Social Behavioral Sciences Laboratory

Research fields: Ergonomics, Industrial Safety and Health, Psychology, Industrial Hygiene Engineering

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Human Factors and Ergonomics LaboratoryOriginal laboratory homepage

Research fields: Human Factors & Ergonomics, Human-Centered Design, Service Systems

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Nonlinear Systems Laboratory

Research fields: Nonlinear Systems theory, Complex Systems theory, Statistical Science, Sociophysics

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