Kanagawa University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


Practical exercise classes

There are numerous required practical exercise classes. Examples include Information System Practice, Exercises in Programming, Control Programming Exercise, Fundamentals of Drawing,Robot Assembly Engineering Work, Exercise on Manufacturing Systems Engineering,Laboratory Works in Industrial Engineering and Management I, and II.
These classes allow students to study a broad range of topics ranging from basic engineering knowledge (mechanical, electrical, information, etc.) to application of industrial engineering and management.

Management classes

A variety of management classes are offered including Production Management, Industrial Management, Quality Control, Industrial Production Management, and Probability and Statistics.
Through these classes, students will acquire knowledge and elementary concepts of management.

Foreign language classes

Through classes such as English for Engineers, Chinese for Engineers, students will acquire practical language ability required for professional who are globally active in the fields of manufacturing and service.

Guest lecture classes

The Department takes advantage of its convenient location in the Tokyo metropolitan area to invite working professional and highly experienced instructors in the field of industrial engineering and management. This makes classes more practical. Examples of guest lecture classes are Industrial Engineering and Management, International Communication, and Case Studies.